Sunday, August 12, 2012

Encouraging Words
13 AUG 2012
Hallerin Hilton Hill

What's next?

That's a big questions I've faced my entire career.  So having a pithy, aspirational answer used to be important to me.

It was a way of assuring myself and reassuring those who were analyzing me that there was forward momentum/progress.  Hallerin's not a looser.

But you know what, lately I've been thinking of a better question.

Here's a better question:

What's now?

Truth is, every time I've focused on making the most of the moment in front of me I created a better "next".  Make sense??  Now is next.

I was reminded of this on a visit to a local business.  One of the managers took me on a tour of his exceptionally well-run enterprise.

On the wall in his office hung this quote:

"Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it.  Autograph your work with excellence." 

Focus on being great where you are.  What's next is what's now.  As you start the week and a new school year re-commit to being great now. What's now IS what's next.  Better now.  Better next.  

Grow.  Help others grow.  Be encouraged. 
(c) 2012 Hallerin Hilton Hill

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